Ma routine beauté adorée

My favorite beauty routine

Each skin is unique and requires a different beauty routine. It is therefore essential to know your skin type in order to adapt the products according to the needs of your skin. Adopting a beauty routine eliminates external agents and all the impurities present in the cells of our skin which permanently damage the lipid barrier.

If you're wondering how to achieve a flawless beauty routine, without worrying too much, this article with some of our best tips is for you!

Discover 3 steps not to be overlooked and to be carried out without moderation for great skin all year round.

Step 1 - No makeup needed to shine!

Every night, without exception, we removes make-up from face and eyes : essential first step to remove all impurities of the face and remove the make-up of the day! There are all types of make-up removers: oil, gel, water, milk, two-phase, it's up to you to choose the make-up remover that best suits your skin type.

If you want a bit of nature and freshness, you will undoubtedly appreciate theMademoiselle Saint Germain Cleansing Water that gently removes make-up all types of make-up, even Waterproof!

Step 2 - Healthy skin is cleansed skin.

Morning and evening, we cleanse the face and neck: micellar water, tonic water, cleansing foam, mild soap... you are spoiled for choice to pamper your

The little extra of Mademoiselle Saint Germain Cleansing Water? It is a cleanser that does not dry out the skin! Indeed, micellar waters tend to leave the skin dry, which is not the case with our cleansing water: at Mademoiselle Saint Germain, we have taken care to add glycerin, an emollient agent to our cleansing water to avoid this discomfort! And that's not all ! Applied in the morning, it will protect your skin all day from pollution and other environmental stresses thanks to an active ingredient that forms a small protective film on the surface of the skin of your face! More than a make-up remover, a real care product!

Step 3 - The Serum

Once the skin has been properly cleansed, prepare it to receive a treatment with the application of a serum. The latter also provides various beneficial ingredients for your skin depending on the type of product chosen and it also allows you to prepare the skin to then receive a care cream to potentiate its effects.

In summer, if the texture of the serum seems too rich for you to apply it in the morning, you can choose to use a lotion.

What could be bandter for that than Le Tonique de Mademoiselle Saint Germain! This natural tonic lotion is an almost pure extract of rosemary from the Potager du Roi in Versailles which acts like a serum and prepares your skin for the next step !

Step 4 - Oh my cream!

On hydrate : the essential to finish your routine in style is the moisturizer.

Choose the cream that sticks to your skin, which will merge with your cells and resist everything!

Depending on the season, treat yourself! Opt for a moisturizer with a light and airy texture in the summer to hydrate the skin while letting it breathe. You can also choose a day cream with a sunscreen to protect your face on the arrival of sunny days. Go for a cream with a more generous texture in winter or even choose a nourishing balm according to your skin type!

Adapt your routine to your desires

Of course, you can add scrubs, masks, serums and other treatments and treats to comfort your skin, but this routine is the basis of everything. For example, you can add to these care steps a specific product for the eye contour, the lips and even the hair!

A small scrub for healthy, soft and rejuvenated skin

Thus, once or twice a week, after removing make-up and cleansing your skin, we recommend a gentle exfoliant to exfoliate the skin gently and remove dead skin and impurities from the surface of the epidermis which dull the complexion and cause imperfections.

How about a mask?

From time to time you can also add theapplying a mask to your routine. After having removed make-up and carried out a good cleaning of your face, leave a mask on for a few minutes. In addition to bringing its benefits to your skin, it is a moment of pleasure not to be neglected. Choose your mask according to your own needs: nourishing night mask, anti-aging mask, anti-imperfections and so many others! At Mademoiselle Saint Germain, we have formulated for you an anti-aging mask in biocellulose, a support much richer in active ingredients than a simple sheet mask to guarantee maximum effectiveness.

A routine according to my skin type

Finally, specific routines exist according to your skin type. For you and just for you, we have concocted 2 little routines for combination and oily skin with our products straight from the vegetable garden.

For combination to oily skin

Mademoiselle Saint Germain offers you a routine made up of 3 steps.

Step 1 - The Fontainebleau sand scrub

2-in-1 treatment combining a moisturizing mask and one gentle scrub, the ultra-fine Fontainebleau sand gently removes dead cells and impurities while regulating excess sebum.

The skin texture is refined, the skin is healthy, soft and rejuvenated.

Step 2 - Rosemary Tonic

This beauty elixir acts as a daily radiance booster. Directly inspired by the recipe for Water from the Queen of Hungary, it purifies the skin thanks to its almost pure extract of rosemary, grown in the Vegandable Garden of the King of Versailles.

Also astringent, it tighten pores and will be the perfect ally for help the skin to cope with external aggressions

Step 3 - The Cucumber Day Cream

Combining a rhubarb extract rich in vitamin C and a hydration-boosting cucumber extract, the Cucumber Day Cream refreshes, hydrates and mattifies the skin.

In a word, it is essential for your beauty ritual for a healthy glow all day long.

For dry skin

Here is the routine that Mademoiselle Saint Germain has specially designed for combination skin.

Step 1 - Geranium Cleansing Water

This Bourbon geranium water from the King's Potager cleans and removes make-up gently all types of make-up, even Waterproof. An eco-designed film-forming active ingredient provides protective "second skin" effect and beauty boostere. The skin is thus protected from the aggressions of the external environment and will be hydrated, soft and comfortable throughout the day.

Step 2 - The Renaissance Serum

A true concentrate of youth for skin replumped, regenerated et hydrated thanks to the synergy of 3 highly recognized anti-aging active ingredients: hyaluronic acid, royal jelly and thyme from the King's Garden.

Step 3 - Rosemary Radiance Cream

Formulated from a pure extract of rosemary from the King's Garden of Versailles, Crème d'Éclat is the skincare moisturizing perfect for preventing the signs of aging or in an urban sandting for fight against attacks from the external environmentr. She rebalance skin flora and stimulates the radiance of the complexion.

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