Le petit Lucas du Tertre x Mademoiselle Saint Germain

Little Lucas du Tertre x Mademoiselle Saint Germain

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Win the many gifts from our two beautiful brands, in this festive and galvanizing month of May 

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Little Lucas du Tertre, our favorite of this month of May. A courageous, beautiful and joyful brand imagined by two designers. 

A pretty brand with a resolutely colorful retro folk style, a bit quirky and exploding with "black-grey-neutral-we-are-bored-of-the-city". 

Instinctive collections with modern, timeless and free shapes. Prints imbued with poetry and freshness.

Dear Mom 

For this beautiful month of May, we wanted to please you on Mother's Day, but also to remind you how exceptional you are. It's our way of saying thank you for your wonderful work, for your continued presence and support, and for the wonderful role you play in the lives of your children. 

You are the ones (and those) who make them navigate, grow, question, dream. And every time one of them dreams more, you're a winner. So we too, in turn, wanted to make you a winner, but this time small gifts to take care of you. 

It's up to you to dream! 

Mademoiselle Saint Germain offers you all this pouch to wrap yourself in the good fairy of Petit Lucas du Tertre. A brand like you, brave, beautiful and joyful. 

Follow our two accounts on IG and double your chance to win treasures on May 30 with our contest game. 

If this card is marked with a red stamp, you have won. our great treasure huntr - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory style - and that you will soon receive a beauty routine and a beautiful blanket.


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