L'huile corps et cheveux aux pétales de rose du Potager du Roi

Body and hair oil with rose petals from Le Potager du Roi

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We are delighted to present to you the latest jewel imagined by Mademoiselle Saint Germain, the body and hair oil made from Montmorency cherry kernel oil, rose petals from the Potager du Roi and a sensory bouquet of flowers. unique.

This novelty comes in addition to the range of treatments created in close collaboration with the Potager du Roi in Versailles. This penetrating oil with a bewitching scent is a subtle blend of nature and gentleness for your body and your

Why did we choose to make a fine oil?

This new multi-purpose oil is a so-called fine oil. Fine oils are vegetable oils extracted from oilseed plants which are plants specially grown for their oil-rich fruits or seeds.

The first pressing is cold and extracts the lipids. The plants are neither refined nor roasted and undergo no chemical treatment and are preferably organic.

Fine oil is also known as virgin oil. One of the virtues of this type of oil is that it provides the same hydration as a greasy oil, but with the same feel as a dry oil, that is to say, without making it greasy on the skin. .

What is this body and hair oil made of?

First, it is made from Montmorency cherry pit oil, harvested and pressed in Loraine. The active ingredients contained in the cherry pit help nourish the dermis of the skin in depth and prevent skin aging. 

If you are looking for a body oil for very dry skin, cherry stone oil will perfectly moisturize and soften your skin. The subtle and delicate smell of rose petals from the Potager du Roi in Versailles will take you on a journey. 

This exceptional botanical fragment naturally perfumes the fine oil. It is harvested by hand by the gardeners of the Potager du Roi, in line with Mademoiselle Saint Germain products.

Ultimate luxury to finish this composition on a floral note, a floral bouquet composed of cornflowers, calendula, helichyrse offers a unique background scent and a voluptuous visual.

Body and hair oil, what to use? 

On the face, the oil should be applied sparingly. It can be used alone and act as a serum or be mixed with your moisturizers. On the body, it is applied in circular movements and insisting particularly on the drier areas.

On the hair, our oil is applied to the lengths and ends. As for the skin, it will nourish, repair and sublimate the hair fiber. As a mask, the oil penetrates deep into the hair fiber. Rinse well with a shampoo and a prolonged rinse to remove the last residues.

This new body and hair oil is the pinnacle of Mademoiselle Saint Germain knowledge. Don't wait any longer to discover its bewitching fragrance and its surprising active ingredients.

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