Ma peau vieillit ? Pas moi

My skin is aging? Not me

Over time, regardless of skin type, the skin aging process seems inevitable and the signs of aging are increasingly visible on our face. It starts with fine lines, then wrinkles, loss of volume and loss of density. It's up to you to adopt an appropriate skincare routine to help your skin cope with this phenomenon. At Mademoiselle Saint Germain we advocate self-acceptance as well as a pro-active attitude in terms of care. We are here to give you all the little everyday tips to give your skin the care it needs throughout your life and to enhance your skin throughout your life thanks to our beauty treatments from French vegetable gardens. !

The skin, an essential organ, mirror of our well-being

The skin is one of the largest organs in the human body. It constitutes an essential capital to be protected. It is an essential organ that protects against external aggressions, it allows thermal exchanges as well as sensory contact. The skin is a key element of social communication : we blush, we turn pale. But it also reflects our state of health, our well-being, the skin thickens or itches for example. In a nutshell, the skin is a kind

The intrinsic factors of skin aging

Skin cells die and renew themselves approximately every 28 days. Over time, the skin ages, cells slow down their rate of production : dead cells accumulate on the surface of the epidermis and the complexion becomes dull. Elastin is a protein found in the dermis of the skin and which is at the origin of its elasticity. The elastin production decreases with age and the latter is replaced by collagen, which is much less flexible. During life, the collagen decreases also. The decline of collagen associated with that of elastin leads to tissue disorganization which promotesappearance of wrinkles. This explains why as we age, the skin is less supple and there is a loss of elasticity in the dermis. Wrinkles appear on the face.

In addition, as we age, the skin becomes more dried. Number of melanocytes decreases : pigmentation spots and irregularities appear.

the oxidative stress is another mechanism of intrinsic skin aging: free radicals damage the cells and proteins that our skin needs to guarantee its elasticity.

This process of the appearance of signs of aging on our face is inevitable, genetics plays a role in the aging of the skin, however, certain external factors can also accelerate it, just as it is possible to fight against the effects of age using appropriate care.

Extrinsic factors of skin aging

The sun is the number one enemy of the skin! Photoaging is the primary cause of extrinsic skin aging. The 2 types of harmful ultraviolet rays are UVA and UVB. The effects of ultraviolet rays weaken the upper layers of the epidermis preventing the skin from creating a skin barrier, that is to say, a quality elastic tissue. The sun is therefore a factor responsible for the loss of elasticity of your skin. In addition, the cells have more difficulty regenerating, the skin is in fact less resistant and beautiful.

Of course, we are not telling you to permanently stop long sunbathing on the beach in summer, just have good protection against the sun and remember to hydrate as much as possible to prevent the harmful effects of the sun from promoting skin aging. !

Dehydration is a leading factor in the appearance of wrinkles. Without hydration, the skin ages and withers like the skin of an apple because its tissue is no longer as flexible. The more the skin is dehydrated, the more the wrinkles will be marked!

Tobacco is another antagonist that intervenes in the aging process of the skin! All the toxic products contained in a cigarette act in depth by degrading the internal structures of the skin but also externally by yellowing the dermis. The appearance of early wrinkles is three times greater in smokers

The effects of air pollution dramatically accelerate the aging and dehydration of skin cells. And here is (finally) a positive externality of COVID: thanks to our masks, inspired pollution is considerably reduced. The effect of pollution on the aging of your skin is therefore reduced. Your cells will thank you!

Finally, stress promotes skin aging. So, we take a deep breath and we do some meditation!

To cherish daily, valuable tips to prevent skin aging

However, we don't want to depress you and end on a negative note. Every problem has a solution ! Indeed, even if skin aging is genetically programmed, it is still possible to delay it!

Here are some tips to prevent skin aging and keep skin young.

A diet rich in antioxidants you will not neglect.

Thanks to their active components, antioxidants help fight against free radicals. You will find this in fruits, fish, oilseeds or even in tea!

Regular physical activity you will practice.

To keep in shape and avoid storage in our body.

Drink water, you won't forget.

It's no longer a secret, the more we drink, the more our body eliminates toxins. Water is the best draining agent and allows you to have beautiful skin.

From the sun, you will protect yourself.

Wearing a pretty tanned complexion is good, but it's ephemeral! On the other hand, the skin cells retain it and are broken down due to UV. Before any exposure, do not forget to protect yourself with an effective sunscreen. Certainly your complexion will be less tanned but your cells will be able to breathe! In a nutshell: effective protection is essential if you want to be exposed to the sun. And finally, 

And finally, your face you will clean

Let your skin breathe at night, taking care to remove your make-up every evening

Once a week, exfoliate to remove all the dead cells from your skin and make it more permeable to the products you apply to it.

And remember to moisturize your face morning and evening!

Preferred ingredients

A care product formulated with hyaluronic acid will be your best ally.

Rosemary is one of the best natural antioxidants. The latter captures the free radicals generated by oxidative stress and helps the skin to fight against the signs of aging. A routine consisting of a rosemary day cream and a rosemary night care will also be perfectly suited if you want to fight against the signs of aging and the effects of oxidative stress.

If you are lost in the combinations of beauty products, we entrust you with a little routine ready to perform without moderation on your beautiful skin!

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