A la rencontre de nos familles chéries...

Meet our beloved families...

We are leaving in the coming weeks to meet the families of our community, and their committed lifestyle!

Conscious Family

Family. A word that echoes emotions, almost vocations, commitments for sure... A word that conveys sharing, that we love and cherish. 

During this pandemic that has shaken up our lives, we have immersed ourselves in the family, in its fully essential character. Family-resource, family-reassuring, family-vibrant or family-quarrel, the conclusion is the same: this cell is, in adversity, what we have most precious. 

We have decided to meet the families of the Mademoiselle Saint Germain community, to hear them in this spring of 2021 project their joy and their desire to move forward. We wanted to give them a voice to try to understand what family is in 2021. How she lives, perceives herself, how she bounces back. 

Even more interesting, we had the chance to meet different types of families: single-parent, large, blended families… Each in their own way embodies the commitment to living together caring for others, and for the future. 

Light on their values, and on the trust they have in us :). 

Meet The Power Sister

At Lys, Maya and their mother, our Power Sisters of hell, love, sweetness and frank laughter are on the agenda for busy days.

Here, the three girls are keen to take care of others

Here, the three girls are committed to caring for others - but also for themselves - by advocating local and seasonal consumption. The natural and the organic are in the spotlight in this house which explores all the fields of the sublimation of the do-it yourself. Nothing is lost, everything is transformed !

On Sundays, the whole little family puts on the apron and heats up the stoves. We don't mess with friendliness. Without forgetting a good musical background to accompany his good cuisine, small dance movements on Car Wash by Rose Royce... Hey!

The inspiring philosophy of Lys, Maya and their mother

Mademoiselle Saint Germain is proud to count this family among the members of her community. This girl power crew inspires us, because they don't hesitate to live life every moment they spend together.

They have a sense of sharing, are united, protect each other and treat each other with respect.

They only want one thing, to enjoy life and nourish their memories with memories, joy and love… We wish them all that!!

Follow their adventures: @fraichecommelacreme

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