La poésie du teint éclatant

The poetry of a radiant complexion

Who has never dreamed, all year long, of a radiant complexion (that of returning from vacation)? 

Pollution, stress, physical inactivity, fatigue, cold… the skin in winter is often dull and greyish. 

Hiding behind makeup is not the best solution. Here are our little simple, effective and natural beauty tips this spring to show off the fresh summer complexion and make your life more beautiful (we would like to point out that our articles are written under the caressing light of our King's Vegetable Garden at Versailles, which sows its brilliance with a vengeance).

1- Evening geranium, hope

Every morning and every evening, it is essential to cleanse your skin well: to remove all impurities from your face and all makeup, ideally with a washable makeup remover pad. Mademoiselle Saint Germain Geranium Cleansing Water gently cleanses and removes make-up from your skin, giving you a second-skin effect from the first application.

For lovers of solid cosmetics, don't panic! The rose geranium soap bar, soaked in olive oil, rapeseed oil and sunflower oil, gently cleanses your skin, while nourishing and moisturizing it.
If you adopt this small daily gesture and these natural treatments, your skin will be much more luminous and radiant.

2- The vivid clarity of exfoliation

Even if cleaning your face every day is already a good base, we advise you to exfoliate it once or twice a week, in order to get rid of its impurities and dead cells that clog pores and alter the natural radiance of the skin. dyed. Goodbye dull and tired complexion! No need to press too hard, small circular movements are enough to remove all the dead skin.

The Mademoiselle Saint Germain Scrub is a 2-in-1 treatment, combining a moisturizing mask and a gentle scrub. From the first use, this product brings you a refined, healthy, soft and rejuvenated skin texture and faded spots

3- Tomorrow, at dawn, the complexion purified

Once a week, apply a purifying mask to tighten the pores of your skin and recharge it with beneficial active ingredients. The Mademoiselle Saint Germain blueberry mask preserves the youthfulness of your skin. Based on apple stem cells, try this treatment, your complexion will be clearer and brighter.

4- The eternal balance of skin flora

There is no natural glowing complexion without good hydration of your skin and your body.
Apply a moisturizer suitable for your skin daily. The latter will form a protective veil on the surface and protect it from all external aggressions.

For this, we recommend the Mademoiselle Saint Germain Cucumber Day Cream, the essential part of your beauty ritual for a healthy glow all day long. These water- and vitamin-rich cucumbers used in Mademoiselle Saint Germain treatments are grown in sunlight at the King's Potager, picked when ripe to take advantage of all their hydration benefits.

Under your eyes, to look fresh, we recommend the Mademoiselle Saint Germain Eye Contour, with its metal ball. Practical and effective, it will be a good ally in your daily routine. A piece of advice, keep it with you during the day, it is very small and very practical.

You can also alternate depending on your skin type with Mademoiselle Saint Germain Radiance Balm which rebalances the skin flora and stimulates the complexion's radiance.

Also drink without moderation throughout the day: water, organic infusion, vegetable milk, tea... there is no secret to shine! This also applies to the health of your hair!

5- The antioxidant inside

"Carrots make you look good" is not a myth! Food is essential for the well-being of the body, skin and hair. Prefer omega 3 and fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants and, if possible organic, for a radiant complexion.

6- I will go to sleep on your stress!

As mentioned above, fatigue and stress mark the skin. Get a good night's sleep and take time to relax at home when you have time. A restorative sleep is just as effective as a treatment. Follow these tips and enjoy life!

Now you have everything in mind, a queen routine, no more excuses not to shine with all your brilliance (even under your mask)!

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