Collaboration         Et Alors X Mademoiselle

Collaboration Et So X Mademoiselle

We are proud to announce the collaboration between Mademoiselle Saint Germain and So what, the first eco-responsible and…pretty interchangeable menstrual panties!

The woman, the freedom, the delicacy, the respect and the protection of the woman… Everything was there so that we wanted to linger there. 

A cross interview not to be missed

During a short interview, Charles explains to us what is close to his heart in this collaboration. In particular, he wishes to engage on an issue inherent in the lives of women alongside the Et So brand.

Why And Then? Because this brand is in total adequacy with the own convictions of our favorite pharmacist but also with the values of Mademoiselle Saint Germain. Indeed, since its creation, Et So has included sustainable development in its very DNA with the desire to reduce its impact and contribute to the protection of the environment.

Try your luck

Because Et So is committed to the environment but also to women, we have chosen to join forces on this women's rights day. 

To be won on March 8 on our Instagram page, on the occasion of Women's Rights Day: Bella panties!

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