La lotion au romarin, il était une fois l'herbe aux couronnes

The rosemary lotion, once upon a time there was crown grass

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Abundantly adorning the coastal paths of the Mediterranean, rosemary is a symbol of sun and warmth. Crown grass, as it is nicknamed, not only flavors delicious dishes all year round; unlike pepper or horseradish, this small plant has a large number of cosmandic virtues. Most of its active ingredients are concentrated in the leaves and dried flowers: tannin, alcohol and camphor. Often used in the form of a lotion, it brings beauty and dynamism to the skin and hair. You want to try ?

The benefits on the skin

The strong antioxidant power rosemary make its lotion one of the most effective natural treatments for fight against the signs of aging of your facial skin. It captures the free radicals at the origin of facial wrinkles and fine lines present around the eyes. Also invigorating, this lotion has a firming power and fight against tissue weakening.

Oily skin is just as affected! Indeed, thanks to its purifying properties and astringents, rosemary is one of the plants that help tighten dilated pores and of regulate excess sebum for healthy skin!

The rosemary lotion is an ideal treatment for acne-prone skin thanks to its anti-bacterial properties

As you will have understood, rosemary lotion is a treatment for everyone, whatever the nature of your skin! So ready to find a baby skin?

The benefits on the hair

After a shampoo, rosemary lotion is an excellent product for use in hair care, for fight against hair loss for example. It is a plant that can be associated for this purpose with other natural ingredients: organic plants such as yarrow, nandtle or birch for example. Believe our opinion, with such a mixture, you will concoct a natural care product for wonderful hair health. To try at all costs!

After a shampoo, rosemary lotion is part of the treatments with ancestral recipes used by our grandmothers in the event of hair problems such as hair loss. A true scalp care product, rosemary lotion is used in the shower after shampooing and slows down hair loss et promotes their growth. Indeed, rosemary is a natural ingredient that promotes the microcirculation of the scalp and regulates the secrandion of sebum on the roots.

Don't forgand the essential oils! In cure of about 3 months, the use of an organic essential oil of rosemary stimulates hair growth. Just like for the lotion, the mixture of this essential oil with other essential oils of organic plants recognized for the health of the scalp will be even more beneficial!

Our health and beauty advice for a home care product?

- Preparing the lotion: boil a handful of organic rosemary in water for a few minutes. Leave to infuse, the plant releases its active ingredients. No need for more accessories for the preparation of this natural treatment! Easier than children's games!

- Hair washing: in the shower or comfortably seated in your bath, wash your hair with the shampoo and conditioner you have in stock at home.

- Application of the lotion: apply your homemade rosemary lotion all over the hair, gently massaging the scalp. This action stimulates blood circulation as well as the penandration of active ingredients into the hair bulb. This herbal shampoo/conditioner/care routine helps keep your scalp healthy. Believe our opinion, this natural and organic routine will amaze you! Isn't making your own hygiene products the best game?

Mademoiselle Saint Germain Tonic

Mademoiselle Saint Germain Tonic is a invigorating water. It is a true beauty elixir which acts for the face as a radiance booster and beauty every day. The use of this toning lotion stimulates the radiance of the complexion. Also astringent, this product tighten pores and will be the perfect ally for help the skin to cope with external aggressions. It is the promise of perfectly healthy skin! It also brings a note of freshness et purifies the skin thanks to its almost pure rosemary extract. The latter being antioxidant, it helps you fight against the marks of age on your

Digitization of the recipe for the Water of the Queen of Hungary, a famous rosemary-based cosmetic

The Tonic is an invigorating water that is directly inspired by the authentic recipe for Water from the Queen of Hungary. This product is formulated from rosemary grown in the Vegetable Garden of Versailles, by hand, with respect for the environment and according to the principle of agroecology. The extract of this rosemary is unique because it was developed specifically to adapt to the formula of the lotion. Its high concentration of active ingredients (twice as concentrated as with an ordinary plant) makes it an extract of rare quality.

If rosemary is rare in your garden, fall for our Tonic which combines all the benefits of nature in a small glass pump bottle, which will allow you to spray it like a light mist all over your face or even the body if your heart tells you. Let yourself be seduced by the sweet olfactory note of this product.

You can also let yourself be seduced by the other treatments in this same range: whether it's the Radiance Cream or the Radiance Balm, we recommend that you use these products to regain your baby's skin! You can even use them on the body if need be.

The icing on the cake ? With over 99% natural ingredients, all the beauty products in our rosemary range have a note of 100% on Yuka! To test at all costs! 

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