Un lancement presse digne d'une reine !

A press launch fit for a queen!

I had imagined it even when Mademoiselle Saint Germain cosmetics were still only a dream that I caressed with my fingertips. Feeling deep within me a flood of intertwined feelings, my impatience and my joy colliding with a touch of anxiety at the idea of revealing the fruit of my labor to the press. And, after months that felt like an eternity, the long-awaited press launch finally happened without me even noticing...

An exceptional day, an exceptional setting: the Roch Hotel, decorated by Sarah Lavoine, seduced me for its elegance and its intimate atmosphere, conducive to confidences. It was therefore in two of its sumptuous suites that I took pleasure in meeting the journalists who had come for the press launch, with, by my side, my team - talented, it goes without saying - and my partner privileged, Antoine (responsible for the King's Vegetable Garden):

It was in the small living room that we first welcomed our guests to introduce them to our approach steeped in history, which we also want authentic and eco-responsible. A first approach which was only a simple appetizer… Since it was in the bedroom, where the bed had given way to the displays, that we got to the heart of the matter. When Antoine was happy to discuss botany with them, for my part I waited for them, my heart beating wildly, to reveal to them the smallest secrets of the two Mademoiselle Saint Germain lines that have already seen the light of day.

Taking pleasure in listening, between two appointments, to Antoine talking about the Potager du Roi, this place for which I had such a crush… A place that has been exceptionally preserved since its construction under Louis XIV. Simply an exceptional place. No, it is not labeled organic. But is it so serious, since it respects standards much higher than those imposed by European regulations in terms of organic farming? Le Potager du Roi guarantees us a culture without fertilizers, without pesticides and without weedkillers, in accordance with the principles of biodynamic agriculture.

Moreover, I fell in love with this place so much that to launch my Rejuvenating line, I contributed – not without pride – to the reintroduction of a variety of cucumber that had disappeared centuries ago, the white cucumber from Bonneuil. ... Which brings us gently to the very purpose of the press launch: the presentation of the brand new Replenishing line signed Mademoiselle Saint Germain.

A line that I thought up, like the Éclat line, like an awakening for the senses, paying attention to the smallest details: packaging, scents, textures... Every detail counts to make a simple beauty routine a real moment of well-being.

Let's first go back to the Radiance line, the very one that truly gave birth to Mademoiselle Saint Germain in October 2017. If there's one thing that matters to me, as a follower of (natural!) beauty, it is preventing the signs of aging… It is therefore quite natural that for this first line, I designed three dedicated cosmetics: a lotion, a cream and a balm.

Fresh and purifying, the lotion is intended to prepare the skin, while the cream and the balm protect and nourish it. With a rich texture at first sight, I designed them so that they penetrate instantly, without an unsightly greasy effect, for velvety skin. Leaving in their wake a pronounced but ephemeral scent of rosemary, followed in the base note by toasted hazelnut.

Immersing ourselves, at the same time, in History, since for these cosmetics, I was inspired by a recipe for rosemary distillate formerly known as "Water of the Queen of Hungary". A sweet name for what was all in all a vast deception: if the properties of rosemary are still recognized today, it seems that its name was the work of a facetious eager to have her admitted to the Court… And this was the case, from Madame de Sévigné to Queen Marie-Antoinette!

Different eras, same concerns: our ancestors were already concerned with preserving – if not enhancing – their natural beauty. And already many beauty recipes have emerged, like that of cucumber ointment, which caught my attention for the creation of the Resourcing line. A task that was not easy since, wishing to render this recipe as well as possible, I wanted to use the same variety of cucumber... Disappeared for almost two centuries!

Indeed, the white cucumber of Bonneuil was criticized for not being digestible enough, even though its moisturizing properties are superior to those of the variety of cucumber we know today. Never mind ! Le Potager du Roi has agreed to reintroduce it so that the Revitalizing line can see the light of day as I had imagined it… A line at the totally different galenic of the Éclat line, despite the complementary virtues, which I had the great pleasure of finally unveiling during the press launch.

His promise? Hydrate and detoxify your skin gently thanks to the combination of white cucumber from Bonneuil and rhubarb. Like the Radiance line, it comes in three complementary cosmetics: cream, eye contour care and exfoliating mask. A light, airy, whipped cream for fresh, nourished skin. An eye contour treatment with natural tightening properties and a very light composition. And, not a simple exfoliation, no, an exfoliating mask: the grains of Fontainebleau sand are so perfectly round and smooth that they can be left on the skin to take full advantage of the moisturizing properties of the mask.

… And that's not all ! Since the time seems to be for confidences, I have the great pleasure to announce that I am concocting you for the end of the year a new collection, once again in collaboration with the Potager du Roi. No, don't insist, I want to keep the secret... Although I can already feel the impatience dawning on the idea of revealing to you the beauty secrets that inspired me for this third line to come! But already it is time to write my pen, with in mind the superb memories of this press launch which fulfilled my expectations. If I had to say just one word right now, it would be this: thank you.

Thanks to the journalists who gave their time to come and meet us.
Thanks also to Antoine, from the King's Potager, for his unfailing support.
Thanks, finally, to my team who proudly carries Mademoiselle Saint Germain by my side.
Thank you.

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