Lancement de la ligne ressourçante Mademoiselle Saint Germain

Launch of the revitalizing line Mademoiselle Saint Germain

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That's it, it's finally here, ready to take place in your bathroom, to settle into your beauty routine and take care of your skin. Who ? The Revitalizing Mademoiselle Saint Germain line, the very one that I have been concocting in the greatest secrecy for months just for you.

As always, the rule is the same: no ingredients from the other side of the world. I have carefully selected exclusively natural components of French origin in order to offer you the best quality products. For this recipe, I went back to my old books and was inspired by the cucumber ointment I was telling you about a few days ago.

Once again, I worked hand in hand with the Potager du Roi, which for the occasion reintroduced a long-forgotten cucumber variety, the Bonneuil white cucumber. This variety of cucumber with high moisturizing power was cherished by Queens and in particular by Marie-Antoinette who used it as an ointment. So I wanted to give it back its nobility by offering you three resolutely modern products... Which nevertheless have the natural benefits of creams of the past!

That skincare line with Bonneuil white cucumber extract hydro glycerine (mixture of water and glycerine containing cucumber active ingredients) associated with rhubarb (rich in vitamins) will provide hydration, freshness and energy to skin weakened by everyday life and will leave a fresh and sweet fragrance on your skin all day long.

The light, airy, "whipped" texture of the Replenishing cream will refresh normal to combination skin leaving them perfectly nourished, soft and comfortable.

The regenerating jelly of the Replenishing Eye Contour Care, by its natural tensor effect, will reduce wrinkles and refresh the eye contour ensuring optimum safety through its ultra-short list of ingredients.

Finally, the Replenishing Exfoliating Mask combines the ultra-fine sand of Fontainebleau with rhubarb extract for a gesture of hydration, freshness and treatment of impurities. The extreme fineness of Fontainebleau sand and its round shape respect the integrity of the skin and make this scrub a non-aggressive treatment that is suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

I can't wait for you to have these products in your hands to reclaim the beauty secrets of yesteryear and pamper your skin! Fortunately, this long-awaited day draws near: it is with great joy that tomorrow my team and I will present the Resourcing line in front of the press. We'll take you behind the scenes of this wonderful adventure alongside us on Facebook and Instagram.

And, from Wednesday, the luckiest among you will be able to take advantage of exclusive privileges to preview the Replenishing Cream, the Replenishing Eye Contour Care and the Replenishing Exfoliating Mask!

Keep your eyes open: Mademoiselle Saint Germain has many surprises in store for you...


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