Pourquoi faire un soin du visage ?

Why do a facial?

Why do a facial?

As in nature, our skin follows the seasons. At any time of the year, taking care of our face means taking advantage of it in the present and capitalizing on it for the future.
Whether in an institute or at home, your skin is greedy and requires special attention throughout your life. It is essential to choose the right products, adapted to your skin and respectful of the environment.

What does taking care of your skin mean?

Is the simple fact of putting on a cream in the morning enough for my face? Morning and evening, what budget for my facial care? Do I have time to take care of my skin?
With our busy schedules, we never take enough time to pamper ourselves. Taking care of your skin is good for your body but also for your morale! Taking care of your health, playing sports, eating well, your beauty routine must be part of your daily life. If you have good products that are as natural as possible, a routine adapted to your skin and your lifestyle, in a few weeks you will have skin that is more radiant and better prepared to face external aggressions (sun, pollution, eating habits, etc.).

How to take care of your face?

Hydrating or purifying mask, gentle or exfoliating scrub, oily or mattifying serum, moisturizing or nourishing cream, sometimes you get lost!
Already analyze your facial skin:

  • Does my skin pull me after the shower? Yes, you have dry skin.
  • Does my face glow and my pores are dilated? Yes, you have oily skin.
  • Do I tend to shine in the T-zone of the face which includes the central part of the forehead, the nose, the sides of the nose, and the chin? Yes, you have combination skin.

Instructions: all the steps adapted to your life

It's not that hard. With a reasonable budget and a little time, in a few weeks you will see results and you will feel better.

Option n°1 :

I don't have the time, nor the inclination. The minimum in your case is a day cream in the morning after showering, if possible with integrated sun protection, especially on sunny days, and a night cream after removing your make-up in the evening. Baume Mademoiselle Saint Germain is perfect as a night cream. It soothes, repairs, softens after the aggressions of your day.
If you manage to exfoliate once a week followed by a moisturizing mask, then you're a champion! A moisturizing 2 in 1 scrub, it does exist! The Mademoiselle Saint Germain Scrub with Fontainebleau sand is perfectly suited. Leave it on for 5 minutes before making circular exfoliating movements.

Option n°2 :

I really want to take care of my face, but I don't know which product, how often and in which order to apply them.
Here's a quick guide to a perfect week-long routine:

Every day : 

  • 1. Make-up removal: essential step to eliminate all impurities, pollution residues, and make-up. Cleansing water or oil should be gentle on your skin. Morning and evening:
  • 2. Hydration for all skin types!! If you think your shower water moisturizes your skin, the opposite is true. The limestone will dry out your skin. Hydrate to bring water to the cells, regain supple, plumped skin and reduce tightness.
    • a. The serum: a few drops before your moisturizer morning and evening. It should be used on perfectly cleansed skin.
    • b. Your day cream: adapted to the season, more or less rich for your skin, have a day cream recommended to you according to your skin type.
    • c. Your eye contour: the skin around the eye is very thin and very fragile. It must be moisturized daily with an eye contour to delay the signs of aging. A complete care, anti-wrinkle and concealer Mademoiselle Saint Germain.
    • d. Your night cream: nourish to bring lipids to the skin and form a protective skin barrier that holds skin cells together. More particularly, it is necessary to nourish dry skin and provide it with lipids because it naturally does not produce enough.

Once or twice a week:

  • 1. A gentle scrub. The facial scrub will allow you to deeply cleanse the skin, smooth it and purify it.
  • 2. A nourishing mask. Moisturizing masks fill in fine lines and wrinkles caused by dehydration.
Option n°3 :

I used to take care of my face, but I no longer trust traditional cosmetics.
You are right ! The skin especially of the face is very thin, everything you put on the skin will penetrate your body. It is as important to pay attention to what you put on your plate as on your skin. At the same time, protecting your skin means preserving the environment. Opt for naturalness!

Beautician, at home or both?

In institute, you will have the advice of a professional and often more complete care. At home, you can do it more often and your skin will thank you. The best is to alternate, the two are complementary.

Several good reasons to have a treatment in an institute:

  • Time for yourself: Before summer, during winter, treat yourself to beauty breaks at each change of season. You please your body but also your mind. A time of relaxation, a time for you, a time where you are pampered will be extremely beneficial for you to de-stress, rest, take a step back, reflect.
  • An immediate benefit: depending on your treatment, you will immediately leave the institute with a healthy glow, hydrated skin, rid of dead cells, blackheads or impurities. You will be re-boosted for a while. Advice: if you have questions, you don't know which product to use, or how to use them, this is the opportunity to speak to a beauty expert. You can capitalize on this care at home later.

Should we adapt our care to our age?

The facials you have chosen must be adapted to your age for greater efficiency. The more the epidermis ages, the more you will need to provide it with intense hydration and more repairing care. At age 20, your skin will mainly need hydration. Choose skincare rich in antioxidants, at 30, to fight the first signs of aging. At 40, adopt anti-aging skincare to reduce the fine lines that appear. From the age of 50, you will have to tackle brown spots and wrinkles.

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