Cucumber and its virtues against facial redness!

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The benefits of cucumber against facial redness

What are the benefits of cucumber for the skin?

You are probably used to eating it raw, in a salad or to bite into during an aperitif, it is one of the star vegetables of the summer, but the cucumber has many virtues and benefits for the skin and also for the body. .

You may not have known it but cucumber is composed of 95% water which gives it diuretic and draining qualities.

The cucumber is one of the star vegetables of the summer even if it is available throughout the year. Indeed, very refreshing and rich in water, it is appreciated for its moisturizing properties. Many creams or oils are based on cucumber, this ingredient brings incomparable virtues against redness. Take for example a cucumber-based oil, it will work wonders on your skin.

Cucumber, good on the plate but also very good for your skin!

It has indeed multiple beauty benefits and finds its place among natural and organic cosmetics. Cucumber helps reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, thanks to its moisturizing properties. It will make your complexion brighter by restoring radiance to the dullest complexions. This vegetable also tightens pores by purifying oily skin, it plays the role of sebum regulator.

What should be remembered about this vegetable is above all its high water content which hydrates the skin, especially this summer after having browned well in the sun, which can often result in inflammation of the skin.

The cucumber by its freshness is therefore a very good anti-redness ally on irritated skin or having the couperose (or rosacea) : this skin disease which affects the blood vessels causing discoloration of the skin).

Rosacea often comes up as one of the most difficult skin problems to treat. It corresponds to a chronic inflammatory pathology that affects the skin and above all the central region of the face (forehead, cheeks, nose). Rosacea will mainly affect fair skin. To overcome your redness, it is advisable to pay attention to your diet by avoiding as much as possible what is inflammatory (coffee, alcohol, cow's milk), by adapting your beauty routine with natural products such as cucumber to restore the skin flora. Apply an organic product or treatment to your skin to reduce your redness! It is essential to be careful not to be too exposed to any heat sources to avoid any inflammation (sun / UV / tea). Finally it is essential to arm yourself with patience, skin problems cannot be resolved with a wave of a magic wand so listen to yourself, listen to your body and above all pamper your skin as much as possible thanks to appropriate care and always favoring a natural and organic product. There are also a multitude of them: creams, oils or even a gel that will help relieve your skin.

Some very simple and inexpensive tricks to soothe your skin and make your redness disappear: place thin slices of cucumber on your face and leave for a few minutes. The effect is guaranteed!

Good for the skin… but not only!

Famous for its beauty virtues, it is true that the cucumber is still too little known for the many other benefits it has. Indeed cucumber rhymes with vitamin.

And yes, it is undoubtedly your best slimming ally. You must have seen it in many Detox juices or other healthy recipes. Indeed, thanks to its diuretic virtues, it helps to eliminate toxins. In addition to this, the cucumber is the least caloric vegetable, it displays only 10Kcal / 100g. It therefore promotes weight loss and very quickly triggers the feeling of satiety. Drink water flavored with cucumber, you will see it is delicious and very fresh for the hot weather.

Cucumber, thanks to its many nutrients, is good for our body, so it should be consumed without moderation. There are also many slimming recipes based on cucumber such as the delicious Greek salad!

Cucumber is also to be favored because it contains cucurbitacin which has many anti-inflammatory properties and which will prevent the birth of cancer cells. It is therefore one of the anti-cancer foods.

Do you often feel stressed or anxious? Cucumber is considered a natural soothing thanks to the pyridoxine it contains, which is an active form of vitamin B6. You can also find cucumber in certain drugs that aim to fight against anxiety, especially in children. To also note that cucumber in addition to its beauty, anti-redness and other benefits, it has cardiovascular properties and therefore contributes to your good health. Indeed, the cucumber has fibers, potassium as well as magnesium and all in a natural way. These three active ingredients will help lower your blood pressure and therefore reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. You say like us, no more doubt, I'm off to the market to find some cucumbers, and you're right, but organic of course!

Finally, it is an ally against bad breath, by eliminating the bacteria that are in your mouth. Test only! Cut a thin slice of cucumber and press it against your palate for 20 seconds, you will feel the cooling sensation instantly. You will tell us: "Yes, but I use chewing gum, it suits me well", just choose the more natural solution that is much less rich in sugar, it will only be better for your body! And yes Airwaves does not compete with a nice slice of cucumber.

Filled with nutrients, cucumber and its many benefits will become your ally! It is good for your health, makes your skin prettier than it was, soothes you, body and mind! And yes, let's not forget: "A healthy mind in a healthy body"! In short, this vegetable plant with a thousand and one virtues is to be consumed again and again. It is an ingredient that does not only have one effect but a multitude!

Do you have doubts about the choice of natural cosmetic products based on cucumber? Try our range of white cucumber care products from Bonneuil. Reintroduced to the Vegetable Garden of Versailles but also inspired by the authentic recipe for cucumber ointment. It consists of an eye contour (anti-puffiness and concealer), a rejuvenating cream (hydrating, detoxifying and revitalizing) and finally a scrub (hydrating and exfoliating).

Moisturize and restore radiance with a homemade mask

You surely know many recipes for homemade masks for the hair, but they also exist for your skin based on oils, creams or other types of ingredients. To find a luminous complexion and a fresh complexion, this homemade mask has an ultra simple recipe based on cucumber (obviously!) and yoghurt which will help you to remove your small facial redness or a few acne pimples. The ingredients needed for this treatment are easy to find: an organic cucumber, vegetable section and organic natural yogurt (preferably made from goat's or sheep's milk). You may even have some in your fridge already.

To do this, take a ramekin, peel and mix the half cucumber with half a natural yoghurt, and you're done, your treatment is ready! We warned you, it's a mask ready in 2 minutes. You can apply it with a spoon or a small spatula.

This fast and 100% natural mask is to be integrated into your beauty routine. You can do this once or twice a week. Your skin will appear clearer and brighter.

Make masks on cold winter evenings around a good soup (speaking of soup, let yourself be tempted by the cucumber, turmeric and mint soup which will delight your taste buds), there is nothing better! A real anti-blues treatment. There are also many other moisturizing recipes, very good for the skin, such as the mixture of cucumber and honey.

Cucumber is a real beauty asset to take care of your face as well as the rest of your body! With the arrival of summer and sunny days, favor this miracle vegetable, go to the market to find the most beautiful cucumbers. A little boost if you want to impress your friends, opt for a verinne cucumber, coconut milk and coriander. A homemade recipe all with organic products

You have understood that cucumber is a product that will transform your skin and your health! We have recommended a multitude of treatments, masks or other recipes. You have enough to do to spend a green summer with the fridge full of cucumbers.

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