Les bienfaits du concombre

The benefits of cucumber

The benefits of cucumber

Benefits and harms of cucumber

Is cucumber good for health? I think you already know the answer. Packed with vitamins, the cucumber is one of the star vegetables of your summer, hurry to go to the local greengrocer to find some, you won't be disappointed. To present this vegetable, let's start by saying that it is part of the Cucurbitaceae family. It is very rich in water, up to 96%, which gives it many diuretic and draining properties. But its benefits are multiple, in fact, it is an excellent food for health and for the line, it is good for the body for better digestion in particular. It is often said to favor green vegetables or fruits, here is a good example.

It is important to remember that the cucumber is generally consumed as a vegetable even though it belongs to the fruit family, just like melon or squash.

It is excellent from a nutritional and caloric point of view. We will never tell you enough, to consume ORGANIC, and all the more concerning the cucumber because by washing it carefully you will be able to consume it in its entirety, namely that the part richest in antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory nutrients -cancer is found directly in the skin and in the seeds.

Prevent cancer

Many studies have been conducted on cucumber and the results have proven that it would allow, thanks to its nutrients, to fight against the appearance and development of cancerous pancreatic cells. Eating cucumber would limit several types of cancers such as breast, prostate or ovarian cancer.

 Strengthen heart health

Potassium and vitamin K that are contained in cucumber help maintain low blood pressure. To know that for the body and the organism to function properly, it is necessary to keep a good balance of the rate of potassium whether it is inside or outside the cells. Cucumber helps maintain cardiovascular health.

 Protect our bones

Cucumber, good for health and also good for strong bones and less prone to fractures or the like thanks to better bone density. It is the vitamin K contained in the cucumber which helps to solidify the bones.


One of the main virtues of cucumber, it in fact considerably moisturizes the skin thanks to its high water content. It is therefore preferable to consume it, especially in summer when it is very hot. You will find many and many detox recipes based on cucumber such as lemon cucumber juice to delight you all summer long.

Cucumber, as we have seen, has many virtues, but there are some contraindications or harms that should be mentioned. Cucumbers have cucurbitacin, which, consumed in large quantities can generate gas or other indigestion. Cucumber can also be responsible for oral allergies, this phenomenon is very rare but can happen in people prone to pollen allergies, due in particular to an allergic reaction to certain vegetable proteins.

 Benefits for the skin

Rich in water, cucumber is excellent for health as well as for the skin. But to have beautiful skin, you have to do two things at the same time. eat cucumber to benefit from the anti-inflammatory compounds that soothe skin irritations and also use cucumber-based products.

You will then benefit from its so-called hydration booster qualities thanks to all the water that this vegetable contains and also soothing. Imagine coming back from the beach this summer with your face all red, cucumber can then help you fight against sunburn which considerably irritates the skin and give you relief. Its high water content allows it to soothe these rednesses and eliminate toxins and impurities.

Redness is one of the most common skin problems and in particular rosacea, this chronic, benign but relatively embarrassing skin disease. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of cucumber, it will be able, thanks to regular use, to soothe and reduce the redness of the face. A very simple thing to calm the inflammation of the skin, place thin washers on the areas prone to redness to soothe instantly. To treat this type of problem in depth, it is preferable to opt for cucumber-based treatments on a more regular basis, there are many treatments in the beauty sector that use this star vegetable with its restorative fibers.

Facial care

There are many treatments that use cucumber. A very simple and homemade mask is to be known by heart. Just mix a cucumber and half a natural yogurt, mix well and apply this mixture on the face to display clearer and brighter skin.

For even better results, opt for a white cucumber treatment from Bonneuil From Mademoiselle Saint Germain, nothing is better for your skin than natural and local cosmetic products.

The white cucumber of Bonneuil was formerly used in traditional medicine for its virtues for the skin but this cucumber having disappeared, we have specially reintroduced it for the needs of Mademoiselle Saint Germain treatments and this directly at the Potager du Roi de Versailles. A species that is only grown in the King's Vegetable Garden.

In this range you can find three products including an essential moisturizer that will soon be making a comeback. Formerly replenishing cream, it becomes cucumber day cream, new vintage 2020, a cream that has been reformulated to best meet the needs of normal to combination skin. The cucumber day cream is one of the brand's bestsellers. This new version retains the same active ingredients and therefore the same properties: hydrating, anti-fatigue, detoxifying… but thanks to the addition of corn starch, it also becomes mattifying. Ideal day cream for the arrival of sunny days. The Bonneuil white cucumber acting as a real hydration booster on the skin. The cucumbers from the king's kitchen garden are appreciated for their virtues: remineralizing and lightening.

This range is also composed of an eye contour, anti-puffiness and concealer with a metallic ball, as important as the active ingredients. With this treatment, your look is smoothed and refreshed in a single step. Finally, the last product that makes up this gram is a scrub with Fontainebleau sand, the finest sand in the world, which gently erases impurities and regulates excess sebum.

Mademoiselle Saint Germain with its cucumber range helps you fight, soothe and pamper your skin thanks to the multiple benefits of this vegetable. To eaten in salads, in juice or through a thousand other recipes and to favor when buying skin care, cucumber is the sexy vegetable to have proven its effects for many generations.

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