Eveil des sens - la parole à Pierre Guérin, ingénieur-oenologue

Awakening of the senses - the word to Pierre Guérin, engineer-oenologist

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Live test by engineer-oenologist Pierre Guérin of our cherished geranium soap!

During spring and summer, our senses awaken and marvel!

Each month, we go out to meet noble artists and craftsmen, who have agreed to share their olfactory sensations with us by smelling our geranium soap.

After the Chef restaurateur Amar, the floor to Pierre, engineer-oenologist, Cabinet d'Agronomie Provençale.

We let you discover what his feedback was...

What emotion, closing your eyes, does the smell of our geranium soap evoke in you?

As soon as you open the soap, all the strength and character of a raw nature is expressed.

Fresh vegetal notes enhanced with a spicy touch immediately fill the olfactory space.

What feelings?

When you wash your hands, it's immediately the sweetness that takes over, and everything settles down: the aromas become more discreet, more subtle as if they aligned with this tactile impression.

A sweet smell of cut flowers, delicately old-fashioned, then accompanies you, while in the soap holder, the fresh and spicy aromas continue to fill the space.

If you had to compare it to a wine, which would it be and why?

If I had to compare it to a wine I would say perhaps, to stay in Provence, a Chateau Simone Blanc, AOP Palette, for its rich, complex, and deliciously old-fashioned, timeless character.

Is offering a soap to a woman definitely a "do" or definitely a "don't"?

Many thanks to Pierre Guérin!

Expert in biodynamics, this oenologist from the Cabinet d'Agronomie Provençale, is one of the best specialists in Var wines and terroirs.

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