Le romarin pour la peau

rosemary for the skin

All the benefits of rosemary for the skin.

Rosemary (Latin name: Rosmarinus officinalis) is part of the Lamiaceae family. Rosemary, with ancient origins, is a plant with evergreen leaves. The benefits of rosemary have been known for centuries for health, for the garden, and for the skin.

Abundant in the wild around the Mediterranean, rosemary likes the sun and an arid environment. Exploited for their taste properties through summer recipes, the leafy branches, fresh or dried, of this plant are also commonly used for their medicinal and cosmetic properties.

Which rosemary for the skin and in what form?

Researchers are very interested in rosemary, which continues to reveal its secrets, particularly in beauty but also for health. It would seem that the essential oil extracted from this plant is a very active remedy against certain diseases, it would be used in particular to lower cholesterol levels. Combined with lavender essential oil, it is bactericidal. Doctors practicing aromatherapy use it more and more and provide all the necessary good advice.

The different varieties of rosemary are plants with tonic and antiseptic properties. Its active ingredients are tannin, alcohol and camphor.
In cosmetics, rosemary exists mainly in 2 forms of use: in essential oil if possible organic or in hydrosol.

We will detail the main uses and benefits of the 3 types of essential oil which are:

- Cineole rosemary
- Verbenone rosemary
- Camphor rosemary.

Rosemary indeed gives a different essential oil each time according to its biotope: cineole (for example most often in Spain, Morocco), camphor, and of course verbenone for productions in Corsica in particular.

Please note that essential oils are not recommended for pregnant women and children.
Hydrosols (floral waters) have the same function as essential oils, but in a much gentler way and have no contraindications, especially for pregnant women.

Let's start by discovering the benefits of the 3 essential oils in aromatherapy

camphorated rosemary essential oil

Camphor rosemary grows wild all around the Mediterranean. It is often used as a condiment herb and is part of the composition of the herbs of Provence mixture.
Camphorated rosemary essential oil is obtained by steam distillation.
Mainly used directly on the skin through a cold compress, a massage or in a bath, camphor rosemary essential oil has many benefits: Arthritis, joint pain, body aches, cramps, muscle pain, osteoarthritis, sprains , rheumatism, tendonitis.

Rosemary camphor essential oil is the most effective for its relaxing, anti-stress and muscle relaxant properties.
To be used on heavy legs in massage, diluted in vegetable oil, camphor rosemary essential oil stimulates blood circulation in the legs, on the face makes your cheeks rosy and boosts venous return.
For any stomach or digestive ailments, do not hesitate to dilute a few drops in a natural or organic carrier oil and massage the painful area.

Rosemary cineole essential oil

A small shrub found in scrubland, cineole rosemary has evergreen, leathery leaves whose parallel edges are rolled up on the underside.

Like camphorated rosemary essential oil, it is obtained by steam distillation. Contraindicated for pregnant women and children.
Used particularly in anti-stress, in case of fatigue and overwork, the essential oil of rosemary with cineole has a powerful smell. Diluted in a base oil, in massage, it soothes.
In addition, use in hair care is very effective. It purifies the scalp in the rinse water, but also in your shampoo.
Finally, its tonic powers make this essential oil a particularly active ingredient in care for oily skin.

Rosemary verbenone essential oil

This variety of rosemary is also present around the Mediterranean in the wild. It likes a warm, sunny climate.
This essential oil is not aggressive and is well tolerated by the skin when in cosmetic dosage. Like any essential oil, avoid for pregnant women.
In beauty products, rosemary is mainly used for oily hair and oily skin problems.
It regulates hair sebum and eliminates dandruff. Just add 2 drops of essential oil to your shampoo dose.
As for the hair, it will regulate excess sebum in oily skin. As a mask, mix clay with water or rosemary verbenone hydrosol until you get a paste. Then add two drops of verbenone rosemary essential oil and mix. Apply this regulating mask to clean skin, leave on for 15 minutes before rinsing.

Rosemary hydrosol:

Ideal for combination, oily or problem skin, rosemary hydrosol is a good ally for the evening. After removing make-up, you can spray Mademoiselle Saint Germain tonic lotion (rosemary hydrosol inspired by the Queen of Hungary's water recipe) on clean, dry skin on the face, neck and décolleté to tighten pores and purify skin. skin.
You can also use it at any time of the day to set your makeup, or refresh in the summer.
All Mademoiselle Saint Germain rosemary-based treatments, whether cream or lotion, are made from rosemary hydrosol. Purifying and antioxidant, Mademoiselle Saint Germain rosemary treatments act against the first wrinkles. Non-photo sensitive, you will have no reaction to the sun, and all treatments are authorized for pregnant women. (delivery in 48h)

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