Eveil des sens - la parole à Laurie, photographe indépendante

Awakening of the senses - the floor to Laurie, freelance photographer

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Live test by Laurie, independent photographer of our beloved geranium soap!

Each month, we go out to meet noble artists and craftsmen, who have agreed to share their olfactory sensations with us by smelling our geranium soap.

After the Chef restaurateur Amar and the engineer-oenologist Pierre, the floor to the independent photographer Laurie.

We let you discover what his feedback was...

What emotion, closing your eyes, does the smell of our geranium soap evoke in you?

This soap smells clean. How to say? The idea that we have of clean laundry on Sundays with the family, in the wooden basket of the clearance sale... you see? He feels the sweetness of life!

If this soap was an art photo?

This soap would be a blurred photo, like the evocation of a waking dream. In pale tones and with blue reflections.

How important is the sense of smell in your job?

Let's say it allows conditioning. We are inspired by all our feelings, the sense of smell is part of it. Sometimes when I'm out of ideas, I take a deep breath, it calms me down and also infuses me.

Is offering a soap to a woman definitely a "do" or definitely a "don't"?

In any case for my mother it is a DO. This woman does not stop washing and consumes 12 bars of soap per month! I love that about her, her natural bohemian side.


Many thanks to Laurie!

Graduated 10 years ago, Laurie started in the sports world before specializing in the design and production of outdoor photography and fashion photography.

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