Le contour des yeux : nouveau millésime !

The eye contour: new vintage!

In 2018, Mademoiselle Saint Germain was inspired by the authentic recipe for Cucumber Pomade and notably formulated an eye contour treatment using white cucumber from Bonneuil, a species harvested only in King's vegetable garden from Versailles, and an extract of French rhubarb. The cucumber range, which you know well, is composed of a day cream, an exfoliating mask and this famous eye contour!

An optimized formula

 If it was hydrating, revitalizing, smoothing and anti-puffiness, it will remain so but now it will also be concealer!

Anxious to offer the most successful products, Mademoiselle Saint Germain listens to consumers and what nature has best to offer.
Constantly on the lookout for new local ingredients, we discovered a French active ingredient of natural origin, derived from cedar bark, which decreases the formation of blood vessels and stimulates microcirculation for a visible reduction in all types of dark circles.

The final touch?

We have reworked the texture of the jelly for an optimized penetration time.

Easy to use 

In the morning and in the evening, apply to the eye contour in circular movements and go up to the mobile eyelid. Apply the optimal dose by turning your product once to impregnate the metal ball with the jelly. Repeat the operation for each eye. Finish by gently smoothing the material with your index finger.

Keep your treatment in the refrigerator for more freshness on application.

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