Eveil des sens - la parole à Amar, Chef du restaurant l'Ascension - Paris 9

Awakening of the senses - the word to Amar, Chef of the restaurant l'Ascension - Paris 9

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Live test by Chef Amar of our cherished geranium soap!

During spring, our senses awaken and marvel!

This month, we are going to meet noble artists and craftsmen, who have agreed to share their olfactory sensations with us by smelling our soap.

To begin, the floor with Chef restaurateur Amar Chalal from restaurant l'Ascension - Paris 9 who dreams of holidays and childhood.

We let you discover what his feedback was...

What emotion, closing your eyes, does the smell of our geranium soap evoke in you?

The smell of soap makes me think of holidays, the feeling of freedom provided by holidays.

What memories?

Ways to go to visit my grandparents when they were little.

If you had to compare it to a wine, which would it be and why?

It reminds me of Viognier, because of the floral notes present in this wine.

What role does smell play in your profession?

The sense of smell is essential in my job as a chef, I would say it is as important as the visual and the palate.

Is offering a soap to a woman definitely a "do" or definitely a "don't"?

A soap like yours is definitely a "DO"

Learn more? You too can experience our cold saponified soap with geranium from the King's Garden of Versailles!

Many thanks to Chef Amar!

Especially if you go through the 9th arrondissement of Paris, discover the exquisite and original dishes of the restaurant l'Ascension, and above all, do not hesitate to ask questions to the Chef, he will tell you with poetry his story, his inspiration, his travels and the secret of our geranium bourbon soap!

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