La green attitude

La green attitude

We decided to tell you everything..

Where do our cherished ingredients come from, where our products are made, our recycling ideas for Mademoiselle Saint Germain containers, everything the Mademoiselle team does to avoid adding another layer to our beautiful planet...


France map of producers

We are very proud to scour France to find you the best possible ingredients.

You will also discover who our favorite service providers are, including our latest arrival, Greenlog, our logistics service provider who bans plastic!



Our packs are recycled as much as possible and all of them are recyclable. Reuse our containers to give them a second life.

Some ideas in pictures: for your stationery on your desk, for your artistic creations, with small tealight candles, for your jewelry, for your spices, to plant Christmas lentils...


And the Mademoiselle Saint Germain team in all this

The whole Parisian team is on a bike, and when we can deliver the products by bike, we do it!

At the office, we have 4 trash cans, we sort everything. It is also possible that you will receive your package in a box that has already been used... Never coffee in capsules, everything is in bulk here, and you know what pleases us the most is when we hardly go never empty the trash cans!


Through this punctual collective we offer you alternatives highlighting a more reasoned mode of consumption.

Instead of doing Black Friday, let's organize a big sorting at our house to donate, resell or recycle the superfluous.

Consuming sensibly is one of the most relevant levers to reduce our impact on Earth.

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