La carte de France chez Mademoiselle Saint Germain

The map of France at Mademoiselle Saint Germain

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You were wondering where all our products come from, here is the map of France of producers as well as our production, extraction and logistics factories.

The map of France of producers

What could be prettier than going to get supplies directly from our land. The French territory is full of riches that we try to perpetuate and highlight through our cosmetics.

Focus on our favorite service providers:

Our production plant in Perche

Our laboratory is committed in terms of quality, safety and also traceability. He has been with us from the start and firmly believes in the Mademoiselle Saint Germain adventure.

La Manufacture du siècle: French house of artisanal soaps

Our "Le bourbon" soap is made in Carpentras using the traditional method of cold saponification. They mature for 6 weeks and are then made thanks to the know-how of two sisters: Brune & Isaure.

Greenlog: our new green service provider!

Greenlog is now supporting us in logistics. Have you ordered from us? You will receive your package from them. Greenlog, located in Angers, is the 1st Eco-Responsible logistics platform. Work 

Eco-responsible logistics platform. Working together with such a company once again anchors Mademoiselle Saint Germain's values and ambition to want a more GREEN world.

We ban plastic, even Scotch is made of kraft paper

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