Eveil des sens - la parole à Annabelle, fleuriste

Awakening of the senses - the word to Annabelle, florist

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Live test by Annabelle, florist of our beloved geranium soap!

Each month, we go out to meet noble artists and craftsmen, who have agreed to share their olfactory sensations with us by smelling our geranium soap.

After the Chef restaurateur Amar, the engineer-oenologist Pierre, and the freelance photographer Laurie, the floor is given to Annabelle, florist.

We let you discover what his feedback was...

What emotion, closing your eyes, does the smell of our geranium soap evoke in you?

This soap is a miracle! Its smell is natural and mesmerizing. A bit like discovering for the first time a smell that we already know. I would therefore say, as an emotion, the familiar surprise...

What emotions?

The feeling of taking a milk bath, tender, of floating on the surface of the petals... I feel absolute softness with this soap, like when you put your nose in a baby's neck!

If you had to compare it to a bouquet, which would it be and why?

A bouquet of dried flowers with bergamot, in shades of pink and white.

Is offering a soap to a woman definitely a "do" or definitely a "don't"?

We give what we want when we want, right?


Many thanks to Annabelle!


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