Journée mondiale de la Femme

International Women's Day

Today is a big day

International Women's Rights Day, more broadly, is LA Women's Day

To celebrate this day in style, Mademoiselle Saint Germain joins forces with a woman who knew how to shake up prejudices...

We present to you Valentine Lothoz.

Valentine is a female rugby hopeful.

26-year-old Valentine is a professional rugby 7s player.

Initially engaged in athletics, she discovered rugby quite late in 2th year of STAPS in Rennes. Bitten completely after a few matches, she changed careers and devoted herself to ovality 100%. She catches up quickly, and understands complex rules very quickly. Valentine lives between Paris and Rennes, between the France team and the Stade Rennais.

What messages does Valentine want to send to us?

  • That everything is possible, just because you're a woman doesn't mean you can't do the job of your dreams, even if a few years ago, these jobs were reserved for men.
  • At the same time, just because Valentine plays rugby doesn't mean she's a tomboy. Valentine is feminine and proud to be a woman.
  • We must fight inequalities between men and women. If this is true in sport, it is also true in a large number of fields.

Valentine fell in love with our products, we fell in love with Valentine.

It seemed obvious to us to defend all these subjects with a common word in the coming months...

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