Mademoiselle Saint Germain

First cosmetic brand to use only French ingredients.

In a unique partnership with the King's Vegetable Garden of Versailles.



The first French cosmetic laboratory from vegetable garden, created by a pharmacist passionate about botany and history.

Anxious to respect nature, it is the first brand of cosmetic products to use only French ingredients, in a unique partnership with the King’s Vegetable Garden of Versailles

She is inspired by centuries-old beauty secrets and revisit them through natural, sensory and innovative formulas.

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Essential virtues

Mademoiselle Saint Germain offers a way to take care of our skin but also our environment.


Why do we travel through the world to find ingredients when the richness of our land is so big?

As well as our active ingredients that come from the King’s Vegetable Garden of Versailles, we mind that all the other ingredients also come from French producers. Our products are made in France.


Simple formulas, without controversial ingredients, rich in vegetable active ingredients, not tested on animals and with low environmental impact.

Offering safe products is a priority for us and also for the planet!

Zero waste

By using plants grown without fertilizers, without pesticides, with respect for seasonality. By getting rid of all unnecessary packaging, retaining only those that can be recycled.

By calling on local factories, close to harvesting sites. By paying attention to waste in all areas, using as little plastic as possible.

King's Vegetable Garden: exceptional plants

The King’s Vegetable Garden was built between by Jean-Baptiste de La Quintinie at the Louis XIV’s request. Nowadays, it is open to the public and hosts the National School of Landscape. It is classified Historical Monument and remarkable natural garden. The gardeners use traditional methods to cultivate a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in a French garden.

Anxious to offer the best plant extracts in our products, we work together with the King’s Vegetable Garden in botanical research, cultivation methods and extraction methods that are most respectful of the active ingredients.

In a unique partnership

Since 2016

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Charles Cracco, récolte, Potager du Roi, Romarin, naturel


Unique & confidential

Plants used in Mademoiselle Saint Germain cares are hand harvested when they are mature, with respect for the plant. As fruit trees or flowers, plants from the King’s Vegetable Garden offer each year a new sensoriality made of renewed olfactory notes and touches. Each skincare product becomes a “unique and confidential vintage” while the recipe remains the same.

In partnership with the National School of Landscape, we are participating in the reintroduction of extinct species in this exceptional garden, pioneer of a culture without fertilizers, pesticides and weedkillers.

Unique textures are produced with natural and innovative plant extracts

Ancient recipes are reworked by Mademoiselle Saint Germain laboratories to meet today’s skin needs.

The challenge is to select only French and natural ingredients, to guarantee the quality and traceability of the product.

Unique and innovative “sensorial” textures, sweet and natural fragrances.

Organic but effective products. We are constantly developing tests to prove the performance of our cosmetics.

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Mademoiselle Saint Germain’s customized, owner and unique process of plants extraction.

Extraction adapted to the desired effects in the products and to the characteristics of the plant & carried out in one of the active ingredients in order not to add any additional ingredient: shorter and simpler INCI list.

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