The Tonic with rosemary

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The Tonic with rosemary

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Tonic lotion
All skin types

96% of French ingredients
99% of ingredients of natural origin

The Tonic is a beauty elixir that acts as a daily radiance booster. Directly inspired by the Queen of Hungary water recipe, it purifies the skin thanks to its pure extract of rosemary cultivated in the Vegetable Garden of the King of Versailles. Also astringent, it tightens the pores and will be the perfect ally to help the skin to be more resistant to external aggressions.

Fresh and invigorating, The Tonic vaporizes like a light mist.

Pump bottle. 100 mL.

Local cosmetic

A controlled carbon footprint.

Natural cares

With plants from the King’s Vegetable Garden of Versailles.

French ingredients

More than Made In France, ingredients from local producers.

Unique formulation

Exclusively developed by a doctor of pharmacy.


Its portrait

The Tonic is inspired by the authentic recipe of Queen of Hungary water. It is formulated with rosemary, hand cultivated in the Vegetable Garden of Versailles, in the respect of the environment, according to the principle of agroecology. The rosemary extract is unique because it is has been specially developed to adapt the formula of the lotion. It is an extract of rare quality thanks to its high concentration in active ingredients (twice more than an ordinary plant).

Proven effectiveness

Product tested under dermatological control by an independent certified body:

  • 100% have a feeling of freshness
  • 100% feel the application comfortable
  • 80% find that Le Tonique improves the overall appearance of the skin and gives radiance to the complexion

Test carried out on 20 consumers over 28 days.

Product tested in vitro by an independent certified body:

  • The Tonic has the desired anti radical quality



Rosemary from King’s Vegetable Garden

  • Antioxidant: it fights oxidative stress generated by external aggressions such as stress, UV, contamination and it is capable of inhibiting apparition of the first aging signs
  • Purifying: excellent antiseptic thanks to its powerful antimicrobial and antioxidant action, rosemary helps to rebalance skin flora
  • Radiance booster: as a component of rosemary, camphor stimulates subcutaneous microcirculation and improves cellular oxygenation for an instant radiance effect

Alpha-glucan oligosaccharide

Natural prebiotic obtained from sugars (sucrose and maltose), it allows to:

  • Rebalance the skin flora by stimulating the beneficial flora to the detriment of undesirable flora
  • Protect the cutaneous integrity 
  • Stimulate the natural defenses of the skin

INCI list explained

  • AQUA (WATER): solvent
  • ROSMARINUS OFFICINALIS FLOWER/LEAF/STEM WATER: rosemary extract form the King’s Vegetable Garden of Versailles, antioxidant, purifying & radiance booster
  • THYMUS VULGARIS FLOWER/LEAF/STEM WATER: thyme extract from the King’s Vegetable Garden of Versailles, antioxidant
  • DIGLYCERIN: humectant
  • CITRIC ACID: pH regulator
  • SODIUM BENZOATE: preservative
  • POTASSIUM SORBATE: preservative
  • SODIUM HYDROXIDE: pH regulator
  • ALPHA-GLUCAN OLIGOSACCHARIDE: natural prebiotic, protects the skin flora

INCI list


Spray on the clean dry skin of the face, neck and neckline once or twice a day. Tap the excess with a cotton pad to get the active ingredients into the skin. The Tonic is used as a serum, it prepares the skin to receive the care and enhances its effects.

For an optimal skincare ritual, apply afterwards Radiance Cream or Balm for a day and/or night care.


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