Recette de beauté


Each of Mademoiselle Saint Germain's formulas is inspired by an ancestral beauty recipe used by the ladies of the Court.

Created by the famous alchemists and apothecaries of the time, their only ingredients were the plants available in the local vegetable garden.

Although Mademoiselle Saint Germain has given a new lease of life to these recipes by bringing them up to date, her sole objective is to preserve the best of these ancient beauty secrets.

High performance

Formulas based on the great power of genetically intact plants from the Potager du Roi. Inspired by ancient beauty recipes, these formulas from the past have been updated to preserve the ingredients that have proven their effectiveness over time.

Mademoiselle Saint Germain


There are many ways to make natural cosmetics. At Mademoiselle Saint Germain, we have chosen to develop our own formulas, in our own laboratory.

Why do we do this? To use our unique active ingredients from the Potager du Roi, to have a better traceability of each of our ingredients, to choose natural and efficient ingredients, and to limit the carbon impact by avoiding any ingredient coming from the 4 corners of the world.

How do we do this? It takes more than a year to develop each formula. At Mademoiselle Saint Germain, time is a guarantee of quality. We begin all development with two essential elements: a study of our customers, your needs and desires; and in-depth work with the director and gardeners of the Potager du Roi, who will guide us towards plants whose virtues have proven their effectiveness.

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