Récolte du concombre blanc de Bonneuil

Harvest of the Bonneuil white cucumber

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Harvests in the King's Vegetable Garden of Versailles

At the heart of King's vegetable garden, historic monument and remarkable French garden, grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. The gardeners of this vegetable garden are committed to perpetuating old-fashioned pruning and cultivation practices. The plants are grown according to the seasons, with respect for the environment, without pesticides or weed killers, and harvesting such as the harvest of the white cucumber of Bonneuil is done by hand.

In the heart of the vegetable garden: the harvest of the white cucumber of Bonneuil

Among the many varieties of recent and old plants in the vegetable garden is the white cucumber of Bonneuil. It is hand in hand with the King's vegetable garden that Mademoiselle Saint Germain reintroduced this species, which had disappeared for centuries.

The virtues of white cucumbers from Bonneuil have been proven
Cucumber pomade at the time of Marie-Antoinette...

The cucumber has always been considered a valuable beauty product. Thanks to its hydrating, astringent and softening properties, this one was at the origin of the Cucumber ointment, highly prized at the Court of Versailles. But at that time when whiteness was synonymous with purity, it was inappropriate to apply green cucumber to the face. It is in this way that the use of white cucumber in the preparation of cosmetics of yesteryear has spread.

... brought up to date by Mademoiselle Saint Germain...

Anxious to reproduce as faithfully as possible the historic recipes which have already proven their effectiveness, Mademoiselle Saint Germain worked in collaboration with the King's vegetable garden to reintroduce and cultivate this species of cucumber. With the gardeners, we carefully monitor the cultivation of our plants. This year, we went to the King's vegetable garden for the hand harvest of the cucumbers in July. These are the cucumbers that will be the main ingredient of our Rejuvenating cucumber skincare line.

... with the Rejuvenating line that will seduce the queen in you

At the heart of a light cream with an airy whipped texture, a fresh treatment for the eye contour or an exfoliating mask for the face, cucumber will give the skin all the hydration it needs. The Bonneuil white cucumber is also restorative thanks to its remineralising and lightening activities. We now understand better why this was one of Marie-Antoinette's beauty secrets until it disappeared! Back today, give yourself the pleasure of its benefits in a gesture of freshness with one of the products from the Replenishing line!

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