Octobre Rose, Mademoiselle Saint Germain s'engage auprès de l'association le Ruban Rose

Pink October, Mademoiselle Saint Germain is committed to the association Le Ruban Rose

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Although there have been enormous advances in breast cancer, whether in treatment, prevention, awareness, psychological support, there is still a long way to go. The whole Mademoiselle Saint Germain team did not hesitate long to proclaim a frank YES to choose this cause in this month of October, and to support the actions of the Le Ruban Rose association. 

Throughout the month of October, for any product ordered on our eshop, €1 will be donated to the Ruban Rose association, which supports research against breast cancer. 

We are proud to be able to contribute today, at our level, to supporting a cause as important as this. 


The Pink Ribbon appeared in the United States in the 90s. It was Evelyn Lauder, then vice-president of the cosmetics brand Estée Lauder, who had the idea with her friend Alexandra Penney of Self magazine, to make it the unifying emblem of the fight against breast cancer. At the time, the disease was taboo and the Pink Ribbon helped to make it more visible.

In France, the relay was taken in 1994 by the Estée Lauder group and the magazine Marie Claire, who together launched the first awareness campaign and immediately created the association "Le Cancer du Sein, Parlons-en!" ". Since this initiative, an entire ecosystem has been built. This is how we see Pink October appear for the first time. An annual awareness campaign consisting of a major photo contest, demonstrations throughout the territory and the illumination in pink of historical monuments such as the Eiffel Tower then made its entry as support. 

If at the beginning the main objective was to mobilize women and those around them by raising their awareness through information and dialogue in a context where this disease was not talked about, today it is necessary to insist on the importance early detection. 

It was then that the association took the name of Ruban Rose to follow this evolution of mores and express its desire to continue to federate an ever larger community. 

We invite you, too, to follow and support the Ruban Rose association right here, because a small gesture can change a lot of things! 

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