Nouveauté : notre eau démaquillante au Géranium Bourbon du Potager du Roi !

New: our cleansing water with Bourbon Geranium from the King's Potager!

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Discover our brand new cleansing water!

Le Potager from Roi Bourbon Geranium Cleansing Water gently cleanses and removes all types of make-up, even Waterproof.

An eco-designed film-forming active ingredient provides a protective "second skin" effect and beauty booster. The skin is thus protected from aggressions from the external environment and will be hydrated, soft and comfortable throughout the day.

Its more? Its non-greasy finish and its subtle note of geranium which offers the refinement of a royal cosmetic.

Its key ingredients:
The Rose Geranium from the King's Kitchen Garden

Delicate fragrance with floral and dew notes, Bourbon geranium, also called Rosat geranium, is very often used in perfumery for its leaves which give off a rose scent. All the leaves used in our cleansing water come from geraniums grown especially inNational School of Landscape du Vegetable garden of the King of Versailles. They are harvested by hand with respect for the plant, regularly and in small quantities.

A film-forming active ingredient of vegetable origin

Obtained from the gum of an algae and a shrub, it forms a protective and lifting film on the surface of the skin. A true natural barrier, it refromces the penetration of pollutants, allergens and irritants and protects the skin from environmental aggressions (UV, stress, etc.). Through its lifting action, it also has anti-aging properties: it smoothes the skin and refromces wrinkles.

Tips for using our cleansing water:

Soak a cotton pad with a few squeezes, or spray on the face, avoiding the eyes.

Gently slide the cotton over the entire face, not forgetting the neck. Repeat the operation if necessary. Do not rinse.

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