Mademoiselle Saint Germain : Les cosmétiques naturels avec le Potager du Roi

Mademoiselle Saint Germain: Natural cosmetics with the Potager du Roi

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Today we hear more and more about natural cosmetics. moisturizers, face creams, day creams... But do you know where the ingredients that make up your beauty product come from? Mademoiselle Saint Germain has teamed up with the Potager du Roi de Versailles to produce the first natural cosmetics inspired by historical formulas.

History and cosmetics enthusiasts

Doctors in pharmacy by training, living in Versailles and passionate about history, we quickly realized that from the Age of Enlightenment, cosmetics was oriented towards nature and plants. To quote the writings of the Marquis of Caraccioli, the toilet of women and men of the 18th century amounts to nothing less than a "resurrection" of the face. We have thus searched in libraries, books, manuals of Perfumery what could be these treasures which have now fallen into oblivion.

If, in the past, the use of cosmetics was an outward-looking approach, if it was above all a question of displaying a smooth and immaculate face in society, at the end of the 18th century, their application is more an individualistic, reflexive and sensual behavior, which aims to obtain comfort and pleasure. These "new" cosmetic products are assigned the new aesthetic vocation of imitating nature and granting new qualities which testify to a new perception of the skin.

This is how Mademoiselle Saint Germain was born: with the desire to use today's formulation techniques to revisit the beauty products of yesteryear.

However, we were faced with a problem: where to find plant species from the 18th century?

Le Potager du Roi: supplier of natural ingredients

Who could be more legitimate than the Potager du Roi de Versailles to revisit historical and natural cosmetics? This institution open to the public also hosts the National School of Landscape. Even today, the vegetable garden produces 20 tonnes of fruit and 15 tonnes of vegetables per year.

We therefore asked the Potager du Roi to provide us with plants, on which we carry out a plant extraction to make natural cosmetic ingredients. Through this approach, we offer consumers the opportunity to enhance French heritage, to consume better and above all to be able to know the location of the ingredients that make up their cosmetic products.

Thanks to our partnership with the Potager du Roi, we are able to offer you the opportunity to revisit the flagship recipes of the 18th century which contained thyme, rosemary, apple, rose, carnation, jasmine that were used between - other Marie-Antoinette and the great ladies of the Court of the Palace of Versailles.

Aren't you looking forward to wearing the same day cream as Marie Antoinette?

A joint approach to reintroduce historic plant species

In addition to the plants that the King's Garden already has, we are working with them to reintroduce plant species that were once used in cosmetics. Some recipes of the time were indeed made from plants that have now almost disappeared, but from which it is still possible to obtain seeds.

This approach is the source of both botanical and cosmetic innovation. For Le Potager du Roi it is an opportunity to rediscover species by learning how to cultivate them, for Mademoiselle Saint Germain it is an opportunity to offer differentiating and never seen before cosmetic products...

See you in October!

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