Le savon solide pour nettoyer sa peau

Solid soap to cleanse your skin

Cleanse your skin daily 

Whatever your skin type, it needs to be thoroughly cleansed daily to eliminate the residue of your urban lives: makeup, pollution, oxidative stress. For this, nothing beats a soap capable of both effectively cleaning the skin but without sensitizing it.

Solid soap is regaining its place of choice in your cupboards. Out of nostalgia, out of a desire for naturalness and tradition or out of simple ecological concern, the list is long to convince you to adopt yours!

From now on, the plants and other active ingredients from Nature that make up the solid soaps each have their benefits. They act in a targeted manner on your epidermis, without drying it out.

Cold saponification

The manufacturing method influences the texture and the properties of the soap. Cold saponified, a soap will be naturally surgras and rich in glycerin, produced during the process. The active ingredients used during the formulation will also retain all their benefits. Thus, the skin is softened, deeply nourished and protected. In a word, she radiates beauty!

A soap that combines nature and tradition?

At Mademoiselle Saint Germain, we combine all the natural and vegetable benefits with cold saponification. Our Geranium Bar Soap is thus nourishing, with a soft and subtle fragrance. It combines the power of vegetable oils (sunflower oil, rich in omega 9, restores the skin's elasticity; olive oil, rich in vitamins and fatty acids, softens, protects and stimulates cell renewal; rapeseed oil , moisturizing) coupled with a rarer ingredient: geranium leaves from the King's Vegetable Garden. These detoxify and bring their note of subtle and delicate perfume to the soap.

Our solid soap is made from 100% natural ingredients. It is made by hand, in the Vaucluse. It is made using the traditional technique of cold saponification. This preserves all the best of the plants carefully harvested by hand in the Vegetable garden of the King of Versailles. So, whether you are already a fan of solid soap or you hesitate to take the plunge, don't resist! This royal soap will delight all skin types, even the driest and most sensitive, which tend to fear cleaning with water.

Both the face and the body will appreciate a moment of softness in the shower or in the bath. Your skin is clean and fresh, ready to receive the rest of its treatment protocol.


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