La team Mademoiselle Saint Germain mise à nue en 2020

The Mademoiselle Saint Germain team laid bare in 2020

The Mademoiselle Saint Germain team

The year 2020 has settled into our lives, with its horde of good resolutions. Ours ? Being closer to you, forging a lasting bond with our beautiful community. And to get to know you better, you had to start by introducing yourself. So there you go, put down the masks, here are scanned under your voyeur eyes the happy members of our MSG team.

Charles, the creator

On the left in our Christmas photo is Charles, our Managing Director. Charles is a good joker and knows how to put a good atmosphere in the office, he takes all the stress and has several days in one. It sounds simple like that, but it isn't always. His strength: listening, well above all good jokes!

Julie, for research and development

At his side, Julie, our R&D Manager. If she is sometimes called "miss dumpling", she manages to work miracles to offer you perfect care on time. His strength: unfailing kindness.

Élodie, the commercial

Elodie, our IDF Salesperson spreads the good word Miss Saint Germain to all IDF customers and prospects. Its strength: its calm, even during endless hours of traffic jams, or during hide-and-seek games with a parking space...

Mary, the creative

As for Marie, our Marketing and Communication Director - who is also sometimes called miss dumpling - she is the conductor of all the Marketing and Communication musicians around her. If she tears her hair out in front of an .ai file, the fact remains that she loves to see the end result. Her strength: caring and always listening, Marie will be able to give you the inspirational advice you need.

Minh, partner and director of sales

Finally here is Minh, our Commercial Director. On the road all day long, he almost has the gift of ubiquity and knows how to be present everywhere when it comes to taking care of his customers. His strength: his homemade spring rolls, not of course his overflowing and contagious motivation.

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